Achievements and Distinctions

In general, a lot of the busywork achievements that just have you kill mobs a certain number of times, or interact with objects a certain number of times, are removed. Achievements like this are, well, not achievements. We instead focus on a wider array of achievements that actually require you to do something exceptional, difficult, or plain odd. We do, however, keep the achievements related to story progression, first-time dungeon clears, and similar.

We do away with achievements that do not count towards a laurel; it feels bad to spend time on unlocking an achievement and then not getting any closer to a higher laurel. Additionally, the grind to regain laurels with every major patch is removed; achievements are never made 'legacy' nor, for that matter, made unobtainable.

Achievement rewards are overhauled. Most of them were useless amounts of money or items that are barely relevant. Instead, we give rewards that actually make sense for the stage of the game that the player is likely to be at based on the achievement.

Seasonal achievements for leaderboard ranking in rifts and trials grant special titles until the same season returns.

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