Card Collection

The card collection system has been greatly simplified. It is no longer necessary to collect card fragments in order to assemble a 'full' card, cards no longer have rarities, and card fusion has been removed.

Cards are collected by simply completing relevant content. For example, the Bahaar card is randomly obtained by defeating him in a dungeon run, the Crayfish card is randomly obtained by catching it during fishing, and so on. The drop chance for cards is significantly higher in TERA Arise. Location and character cards are guaranteed story quest rewards.

Cards that you have already collected can be sold to a vendor for gold.

Like achievements, this new card collection design is an extra incentive to engage with all game systems and mechanics. The new design also ensures that players will make progress on their collection naturally as they progress through leveling, and that everyone is able to complete their collection in a very reasonable amount of time.

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