Rifts and Trials

Rifts and trials are two game modes that, together with overlevels and enchantment, provide the opportunity for virtually infinite competitive PvE experiences. Both modes will have a party go through a series of increasingly difficult, consecutive challenges until they can no longer progress further. There is no upper limit on the number of challenges.

A rift is a random series of dungeons selected from a seasonal pool. These dungeons contain mobs, mini-bosses, and main bosses as you would expect. There is a wide variety of dungeons in this game mode, so some will be easier than others.

A trial is a random series of boss fights selected from a seasonal pool. These all take place in arena maps. The bosses in this game mode are generally the most challenging and intense in the game - Bahaar, Darkan, Lakan, RK-9, Shandra Manaya, and so on.

All rifts and trials feature the hardest version of a dungeon or boss.

Players will be ranked on leaderboards based on the highest cleared challenge level, as well as the clear time of each challenge. Rewards are distributed by parcel after each individual clear. Players are free to withdraw at any point, e.g. if the current challenge is too hard.

Rifts and trials must be completed with the same 5-person party throughout; it is not possible to start a run with less than 5 players, nor is it possible to swap out players in the middle of a run.

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