Gear and Itemization

The gear system has been redesigned so that players are working on their equipment from the very beginning of the game, enchantment effort is never wasted, and choices are much more meaningful.

A player starts the game with a set of class-appropriate equipment of common rarity that has one random option and infusion option, and can be enchanted to +5. As the player levels up past specific thresholds (25, 50, 75, 100), they will gain access to higher-rarity equipment (uncommon, rare, superior, mythic) through dungeon story quests. Each jump in rarity adds an extra random option and infusion option, and increases the enchantment limit by +5 (though mythic equipment has no enchantment limit). When switching to a new piece of equipment, the enchantment levels from the old item can be transferred over, but options and etchings are lost.

TODO: Rings, earrings, necklace, circlet, brooch, mask, belt, innerwear, relic, halidom?

TODO: Crystals?

TODO: Etchings?

TODO: Infusions?

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