Overworld and Events

To liven up the overworld, we introduce a variety of spontaneous events that occur throughout a province. These are similar in nature to Guardian Missions, and tie into that system for rewards, but 'spontaneous' really is the keyword here. You are not able to just magically teleport to the events; you have to actually go out into the world and happen upon them. That said, for larger events, we broadcast a message to the entire province or zone when they occur.

Events occur frequently enough and with enough density that a player should not have to travel for more than a handful of minutes (at the high end) to find one.

The events are anything from a random traveling villager getting attacked, to a world boss appearing and roaming through a zone, to a camp or town being assaulted by waves of mobs. The sky is the limit here.

Of course, for these events to not just end up as dead content, they actually have to be rewarding. Events will give specific gear upgrade materials depending on which province they occur in. This also prevents players from simply seeking out the province deemed to have the easiest events. There is a daily cap on how many rewards can be obtained from major and minor event quests, but players are free to grind events for experience indefinitely.

The entire Exodor Archipelago has been repurposed for overworld events which are significantly harder than those found in the rest of the overworld, and which grant significantly more experience. Additionally, it has PvP enabled in all zones. It is only accessible by players at max level.

As a further measure to make the overworld feel more alive, the concept of channels is entirely removed. Where necessary, changes are made to ensure that players do not have to fight over a single mob or object.

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