Dungeons and Raids

As a rule of thumb, with an experienced party, dungeons are designed to take around 20-30 minutes to complete, with each boss taking around 5-8 minutes. Where necessary, story dungeons have been tuned to adhere to this rule by way of teleportals and movement speed buffs.

The difficulty of normal mode dungeons has been brought up somewhat so that the gap between normal mode and hard mode is not as huge.

Through instance matching, players are now able to queue for a dungeon roulette, with normal mode and hard mode having separate roulettes. Using these can result in getting matched into any dungeon in the game. If there are players queued for specific dungeons (e.g. story dungeons), the roulette will first prioritize matching with those players; otherwise, a completely random dungeon is chosen. Some gear upgrade materials are only available through the roulette. This system adds variety to daily dungeon runs while also ensuring that players can get matches for story dungeons.

A different 10-player raid is available in each season which can be cleared once per week. Raids have been redesigned to be significantly more difficult and can only be accessed in hard mode. An experienced party will take a few hours on average to clear a raid, while an expert party that avoids wipes entirely can clear a raid in less than an hour.

Adventure Coins have been removed; players can run dungeons as many times as they like. However, gear upgrade material rewards are significantly diminished after a certain number of daily runs.

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