Main Story and Questing

The main story mostly proceeds as it did in TERA, but it ends around the beginning of the Exodor storyline, as we repurpose Exodor for overworld events and cut the vast majority of its story quests. Story quests proceed linearly rather than the original mess at level 65+ where you can get a mountain of story quests dropped on you all at once.

The vast majority of side quests in the game are cut; only those that add meaningful context to the story are kept. As a rule of thumb, when completing all quests in a province, the player should only spend half as much time on side quests as they do on story quests - ideally less.

Guardian Mission quests are repurposed for overworld events.

Repeatable side quests and faction quests are cut entirely.

Due to the tighter power scaling during leveling, all level requirements for quests are removed.

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