Classes and Roles

We have near-total freedom to tweak and redefine classes as we see fit. Almost all skills have been redesigned or rebalanced in some way.

One of the more radical changes we make in this regard is that every class now has dual aspects, in a similar way to how berserkers, brawlers, and warriors can either be damage dealers or tanks. This allows more flexible party compositions and thus faster instance matching. Aspect selection is done by picking one of two skill options on a passive skill. This choice will automatically influence other systems (e.g. a player's role in instance matching).

Some of these new class aspects blur the lines between roles (in the trinity sense). For example, lancers can sacrifice personal damage and debuffing ability in order to be able to tank and heal at the same time, mystics can sacrifice a large portion of their healing output to beef up the damage output of themselves and their minions, reapers can sacrifice personal damage to enable life absorption on their skills which can then be dispersed to party members, etc.

Additionally, an entirely new break role has been introduced which some classes have aspects for. A breaker is still a damage dealer, but sacrifices some of their own damage potential to dish out massive break damage, enabling higher damage for the rest of the team.

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