Gathering and Crafting

Gathering and crafting mechanics took a backseat to most other systems in TERA. We are returning to the MMORPG roots where these systems actually meaningfully contribute to the game's economy and socialization. In particular, some gear upgrade materials come from crafting, which in turn require gathering.

In TERA Arise, all gathered materials remain relevant even at endgame, so there is an actual incentive to go and gather outside of just Northern Arun. Higher gathering levels result in faster gathering.

The amount of production points that a player has now scales with their gathering and crafting levels. Additionally, fishing is now considered a gathering activity and therefore spends production points.

Crafting professions have been overhauled:

  • Brewing: Enables crafting HP/MP potions, buff potions, etc.

  • Cooking: Enables crafting various party buff foods.

  • Etching: Enables crafting randomized gear etchings.

  • Refining: Enables crafting various composite gear upgrade materials.

  • Smithing: Enables crafting certain 'lore-friendly' cosmetics.

There is no longer a limit on how many crafting professions can be maxed out on a single character.

Artisan and master tests have been removed. Players can now craft most recipes at any level, but the profession's level determines the number of items produced for some recipes, and the likelihood of failing a craft entirely for some others.

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