Skills and Glyphs

In TERA Arise, every class will have learned all of its core rotation skills by level 50, which roughly corresponds to being halfway through all story quests. Additionally, the order in which skills are taught has been overhauled to make a lot more sense and make each class feel better to play sooner. Only certain niche skills will be learned after level 50. Aspect passive skills are available from level 1.

Skill levels have been removed, so there is no longer a need to upgrade lots of skills constantly during leveling. Similarly, skill advancement levels have been removed as these were just senseless power creep. This means that skills have their full effects immediately.

Almost all skills now have skill options, and they are unlockable immediately when learning the skill. Options now have a much more profound effect on skills, altering all sorts of properties all at once, such as CC effect(s), damage, critical chance, AoE size, range, cooldown, animation speed, invulnerability frames, block effects, target debuffs, etc.

Skill hits now split their damage as an X% physical hit and a Y% magical hit, with stats related to physical and magical damage applying to each hit as appropriate.

In order to add more meaningful build diversity to the game, TERA Arise removes a lot of the 'useless' glyphs in the game and adds a larger set of attractive glyphs. As a result, instead of being able to get all the 'essential' glyphs and still have plenty of points to spare, players actually have to make more meaningful glyph choices, somewhat tailored to their skill option choices, forming a more distinct playstyle.

Glyph rarities have been removed, and all glyphs for a skill are available immediately upon unlocking that skill.

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