Leveling and Power Scaling

TERA, like most MMOs, scales player power massively with levels and gear. This has the unfortunate effect of making it meaningless for endgame players to interact with new players. When the level cap was raised from 65 to 70, and the journey to 70 took quite a while, it became clear that it is possible for players of different levels to play together, as long as the power curve is not completely bonkers.

For TERA Arise, we apply this idea to the entire level range; that is, the difference between a level 1 player and a max level player should roughly be the difference between a level 65 and level 70 player in TERA. This will lay the groundwork for other game systems to allow new and veteran players to play together at almost any point. It also has the desirable side effect of making balancing of the entire game much more manageable.

To further facilitate cooperation between new and veteran players, the server implements a power scaling algorithm for all structured activities (dungeons, overworld events, etc). This is based on simple level synchronization.

The level 'cap' is raised from 70 to 100 - mainly because it's a nicer, rounder number. The progression from level 1 to 100 requires linearly increasing amounts of experience.

An 'overleveling' system is added, allowing players to go beyond level 100. Overlevels only give very tiny stat boosts compared to normal levels and take massively increasing amounts of experience. To set expectations here: It should take 5+ years of daily play for a player to reach level 125 or so. Overleveling mostly serves as a prestige/veterancy indicator.

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